Thursday, 15 December 2011


Gourmet Liguria Joins the "Vini, non etichette" (Wine, not labels) campaign launched by Liguvinario.

Here is the English translation of the article posted by Umberto Curti a few days ago.

The post was originally "dedicated" to Italian readers (hence the reference to Italian wines), but all it takes is a bit of contestualisation...

Which is the importance of the label in the wine – buying process?
“Quality has a price” is a statement I usually tend to agree with as long as it does not come with the (usual) hackneyed phrase “the more you spend, the more you get”. Should we put the (whole) blame on marketing for this? For better or for worse it is marketing that determines the weight of the label, yet several purchases derive at the same time from both snobbish impulses and inadequate competence. Let’s face it, consumers aren’t always that versed in wine knowledge, Furthermore, wine guides’ ratings and passing trends celebrate products that often have little in common with our enological history and wisdom. Always remember that Italy is one the motherlands of wine (or, maybe, “the” motherland of wine), so try to drink wine, not labels. Discover the pleasure of an enriching research. Don’t get obsessed with Bordeaux blockbusters unless you have already searched Nebbiolo or Aglianico. Look for indigenous varieties, as well as for wineries that have been working with passion for decades. Explore the terroirs, talk to producers, match the right bottles and the best “Made in Italy” dishes.

Dear reader, do yourself – and your loved ones, not to forget your country’s enogastronomy - a favour, and circulate the “drink wine, not labels” philosophy!

Luisa Puppo

Gourmet Liguria & Ligucibario

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