Friday, 17 September 2010


In Italy 5,000something Comuni (municipalities) boast a DOP (Denomination of Protected Origin) food quality label, not to forget a stunning 34% of Europe’s total wine production.
Liguria is a paradigm of this horn of plenty.
The regional arch stretching from the French border to Tuscany, Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna are just at a stone’s throw.
A crossroad of history and traditions, Liguria thus enjoys a unique “sea meets mountain” position, accounting for its vast array of gourmet treasures.
In fact, the homeland of the Mediterranean diet features an almost endless list of wonders, from lean silver Monterosso anchovies to scenting porcini mushrooms (the glory of the entroterra), passing through a stunning catalogue of aromatic herbs.
Basil pesto, focaccia Genovese, focaccia col formaggio, pandolce and Cinque Terre DOC Sciacchetrà are known all over the world. But there is a treasure chest of connoisseur treats such as preboggion, cuculli, tomaxelle, picagge and bagnun for you to discover, in the company of a good glass of Ligurian wine (a gift from heroic vineyards).

Ready steady go!
Your Ligurian experience has just started

A presto e buon appetito
Luisa Puppo

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